Hello world!

Well hello there!

As you can see, the site is in development.  I am filled with confidence that it will be done soon!   I’m SURE it will be done soon!  Well, it will get done.  Soon?  Let’s not quibble over details.

Because, you see, there are a few big things going on right now –

The commercial studio is moving from Westover to Falls Church by the end of the month.

The art studio at Gallery Clarendon is due to open in approximately 2 weeks.

I’m teaching a workshop on Sunday (a tiny little workshop).


It’s all fabulous stuff!

The Westover Studio

So first things first – the studio move.  Yes, I am leaving Westover, which makes me a sad panda.  I have met so many wonderful people there, and I will miss them all!

But the new space in Falls Church is DIVINE.  Bigger, brighter, BETTER PARKING.  That’s right, baby.  There’s all kinds of parking.  It’s fab-u-lous!

I’m currently boxing up things, and the movers come next week (fingers crossed).  I have one more shoot scheduled in that space, and then that’s it.  Poof.   The Westover studio will be officially closed.  <sniff>

I have a lot of work to do on the new space, so it will probably be at least another month before I’m shooting in there.  Tomorrow, I’m patching holes in the floor.  Yeah, you know you want to be me.  More details to come on that, as it happens.


Studio Clarendon

The Arlington Artists Alliance is opening a new gallery and studio co-op, and I am going to be a part of that!  My space is Studio 25, and it’s in the kitchen of the former Fuego restaurant.  And yes, there will be many puns about us all being on fire, I’m sure.

I need to run over there tomorrow, while the concrete is curing, and do some measuring.  I met my studio neighbor today – her name is Sue and she’s a painter.  She seems lovely.

Artfest at Ft. CF Smith Park

I’m participating in a show (Sale!  It’s a sale!  Come buy art!), and teaching a workshop on Historic Photographic Processes.  We will be making cyanotypes in class.  It’s going to be fun!    I’m on at 3pm on Sunday.  I hope to see you there!