Artist Statement

When I am talking with someone, there will come a point in the conversation when they light up.  They have this energy, this life that flows from them.  It’s fleeting.  But it’s the moment when I fall in love with them.  I see how beautiful they are, how amazing and wonderful, and I want to show it to everyone.  


When I’m walking through a space that I pass through every day, or sometimes for the first time, a detail will jump out at me.  It can be the vast emptiness of a space that is physically small.  It can be the angle of looking down a flight of stairs that has turned into a swirl of color and pattern.  It can be anything.  But it’s just there, just at that moment, that angle.  I want to pull people aside and say, “Stand HERE.  LOOK at this!”   I want to frame that exact moment and place.


I want to show everyone.  And I want to remember it.  


There is so much beauty in the world, in everyday things.   We just have to look.  


 have to look.